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St Roch Parish
332 Main Street
Oxford, MA 01540
Phone: (508) 987-8987 Fax: (508) 987-8938
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester MA

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Weekly Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 & 11:00 AM
Daily Mass: Monday-Friday 8:30AM

Saturdays: 3:00 PM;
or by appointment 

Novena to St. Roch
Mondays and Wednesdays of Lent 6:30 PM

Look ...At the end of the religious education
 page for Stations of the Cross....

Mark Your Calendar

APRIL 27 Canonization
Pope John Paul II & Pope John XXIII

May 7 Painting call to resreve a spot
advance reservations needed.

 MAY 7 & 8 Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy

10th Annual Bioethics, Medicine, & Spirituality Conference.

Thank you for your support
for Anthony Nguyen
Anthony`s Angels` Donations:
call 508-987-8987

Mary Kilinskas Scholarship Gift
appliations in the
Religious Education Office
Donations accepted all year.

Please Call 508-987-2382 or
e-mail us at,
 if questions on upcoming
Religious Ed. or Youth events,
or drop by the parish center anytime

Want to knit or crochet?
Join the fun
Tuesdays Mornings
10-12 noon
or evenings 7-9 PM

April 23 no class vacation week
Wednesdays 5:00 -6:00 PM
Call to register or
drop by and
see Father Roy or
Terry Ann Renaud anytime.

Cribbage Wednesdays 
coming soon
6:30 PM in the Parish Center

Family of Friends Youth Ministry
describes the entire catechetical program
grades 6-12. Youth ministry includes
Religious Education sessions,
justice & service projects,
as well as community building
events for the youth & families of St Roch
and local community.
All youth are welcome to join in all events

All children grade k-12
should be registerred
starting now for 2014-5,
whether participating
in the parish program 
in Religious Education
in the Catholic schools
The Religious Education Office
follows the growth of each child,
to provide support to families
throughout their lives.
Please call and offer your ideas  
and suggestions for events.

To continually enrich our faith

by honing our skills in the knowledge of the faith,

learning how to live Gospel values

we`ve been taught as children &

provide safety for those children placed in our care.

Here`s something to mark on your calendar

for enrichment or certification…

at St Roch, Thursday evenings 
6:30-8:45 PM,
May 1, 8, 22, 29, 2014.

Other courses are
being planned &
will be published soon.
Watch for
other training dates
in the bulletin.

Wednesday Bible Study
9:30 after mass
All are welcome
to drop in any session.

Safe Environment Training
(2 Hours)
Sessions for all ministries:
by arrangement with the
Office of Religious Education.
Call 508-987-2382 to register.

Parents, Catechists, Aides,
Youth Leaders, Volunteers,
all Liturgical Ministers,
or if you work
with children anywhere
you’ll want to attend.

  Mission Statement

We the people of St. Roch Parish,
under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
are called to be a loving, sharing
and welcoming community
who are called to reach out to all.

Since we are a Eucharist people
who celebrate our common heritage of faith,
we rejoice and give thanks
for the diversity of our giftedness
and work together as an alive faith community
to discover and further develop these talents.

We also dedicate ourselves to ongoing
Christian formation with an awareness
of our responsibility to one another
and for one another.

Therefore, as an outward sign of God’s glory,
we the community of St. Roch are called
with peace and joy-filled enthusiasm
to live our Baptismal call
through responsible stewardship
in education, worship and service.


Family of Friend`s Youth Ministry

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Today`s Reading and Psalm
Faith Magazine
Catechism for the Catholic Church
Ave Maria Radio
New American Bible
Weekly Movie Reviews
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One Bread, One Body
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